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`jiH` homophony (was: Re: How do you say "Movie"?)

  Mark E. Shoulson wrote on Mon 18 Oct 93 12:27:44 -0400 (Subject: How do
you say "Movie"?):-
  > ... "what's the movie this Saturday?" I wrote `nuq ghaHtah jIH'e'?` ...
"what am I?", and not even correct at that ... homograph "jIH" ... How about:
`[HaStaDaq] nuq cha'lu'?` "What's being shown (on the visual display)?"
"HaSta" might be better than "jIH", or it might not ...

  I ran into this ambiguity myself once. I solved it by using `jiH` = "I",
`HaStajiH` = "visual display screen".

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