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Re: Mate answers.. thanks!

On Oct 14,  3:36pm, "Matt Gomes" wrote:
>   Would it be redundant to say "bangwI'oy"?  (BTW:  Where in ST3 is this
> said?)  Also, how do you properly pronouce <wI'>?  Like the English "we"
> or like "weh"?

     I suspect "bangwI'oy" would be like saying, "my dear love" instead of
just "my love", so redundency isn't exactly the issue. It would be more a
qualitative difference, or a difference of degree.

     In ST3, after Valkris has confessed that she has indeed seen the data on
the Genesis Project, Kruge says, "Do Ha'".

     Valkris says, "jIyaj".

     Kruge says in Klingon I do not remember accurately, "You will be
remembered with Honor," then brings the warship around and makes brief
business of destroying the ship on which Valkris rides.

     As he brings the ship around, Valkris says, "HIja' jawwI' bangwI' je".
They split that last line over two subtitles.

     I pronounce the -wI' as if saying "with", assuming that someone hits me
in the stomach just before I get to the "th". Going back to TKD: "I as
English i in misfit. Once in a while, it is pronounced like i in zucchini,
but this is very rare and it is not yet known exactly what circumstances
account for it." That implies that pronouncing -wI' as "we" might happen from
time to time (like with bad actors in ST movies), but that it should not be
considered proper Klingon.

     Also, another note to beginners in general: I've begun the habit of
translating Klingon reading the words from right to left and have discovered
that it helps speed up the translation. It is not just the
object-verb-subject aspect that makes this work. Most of the convoluted
Klingon sentences have the root of the whole grammatical structure rightmost.
This is not the one correct way to do things. I'm just finding it another
helpful tool. It would be bad to use this method exclusively, since it would
leave you ill prepared for verbal Klingon.

--   charghwI'

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