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Mate answers.. thanks!

>From: "Matt Gomes" <>
>Date: 14 Oct 1993 11:38:00 -0800
>Content-Length: 581

>  Would it be redundant to say "bangwI'oy"?  (BTW:  Where in ST3 is this
>said?)  Also, how do you properly pronouce <wI'>?  Like the English "we"
>or like "weh"?

"bangwI'oy" sounds a bit cutesy, but probably not redundant.  In
ST-whatever, (thought it was V or something), ... argh, I'm not going to
try.  All I can remember is "when that Klingon female was doing..." and
such; I'll leave it to someone who knows names.

OK, bear in mind Klingon pronunciation.  "bang" rhymes with English "thong"
(the way *I* pronounce it anyway).  "-wI'" has the same vowel as English
"bit", and cuts off abruptly at the end (the famous glottal stop).


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