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Re: More Newbie Questions[B

> On Oct 14,  8:20pm, Paul J. Clegg wrote:
> > So, qaQoch, or SoHmo' jIQoch?  Or something completely different?
> > 
> > ...Paul
>      My vote is for maQoch. It both dodges a lot of more convoluted Klingon
> costructions AND expresses the complete thought in one word. High coolness
> factor. Good Klingon mindset.
> --   charghwI'

What about choQochmoH?  You cause me to disagree?  Probably too convoluted
but it's an option.

On another topic:  (what would that be in tlhIngan Hol?)

"Monday" "Japanese class"Daq mayu'chuqlI' 'ej 'ar Hol vIjatlhlaH 'e'
vIyu'lu'pu'.  Holpu' vIjatlhlaH 'e' chaH vIja'ta'DI' "tlhIngan?!"
jachpu' tera'nganpu'.  yay'choHmoHpu'.  "HIja'," vIQijta' "loQ vIjatlhlaH."
yay'taHmo' jIQuchchoH.

Peter Garza

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