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Re: More Newbie Questions

On Oct 14,  8:20pm, Paul J. Clegg wrote:
> Subject: More Newbie Questions

> If I wanted to convey "I disagree with you", would I use the qa- prefix,
> me/you, or just jI- for me/none, and use SoHmo' (you, due to) as an object?
> It doesn't seem to me that disagree would take an object, but does would it
> for Klingon translation?
> So, qaQoch, or SoHmo' jIQoch?  Or something completely different?
> ...Paul

     My vote is for maQoch. It both dodges a lot of more convoluted Klingon
costructions AND expresses the complete thought in one word. High coolness
factor. Good Klingon mindset.

--   charghwI'

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