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Re: Word for mate?

On 14 Oct 1993 09:08:17 -0800, Matt Gomes wrote:

>                       Subject:                               Time:9:05 AM
>  OFFICE MEMO          Word for mate?                         Date:10/14/93
>Hey, all,
>  One way to effectively learn Klingon is to talk with someone... So I
>started with my Fiance (luckally she's also enthusiastic about learning).
>We already say "qabang" to eachother (awww, ain't it cute)... and we
>started looking for cutesie names for eachother, but "be'oy" and "loDoy" just
>don't cut it.
>  Would anyone happen to know the word for "mate" in Klingon?  What would one
>affectionately call their significant other?

You might try jup'oy as a possibility.
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