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Re: Punctuation

On Oct 13,  1:33pm, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
> Subject: Punctuation
> >I just read the FAQ for here, and came up with a question that might
> >How do you delimit the end of a sentence?  Is it always a period?  Or is
> >it acceptable to use English punctuations (like exclamation marks,
> >marks, etc.) in ADDITION to the proper Klingon sentence constructions?
> Someone recently pointed out that on this list we *do* use English
> punctuation marks (though Okrand doesn't in his material).  I think it's a
> helpful convention, so long as we realize that it's just a convention, a
> way of making things easier for us to parse, not a redefining of where
> sentences start or stop or whatever.
> >...Paul
> ~mark

     Additionally, it should be stated that since this is a convention of
this list, it is not necessarily uniform from one person to another. Since
Okrand gave no guidelines for punctuation and Okuda does not use it and Okuda
centers all lines, some of us center sentences and don't use punctuation at
all. When a sentence runs more than a line, we punt, using any trick we can
to make it decipherable.

     In general, those who use punctuation are doing so in order to make
humans better able to understand the written words. It is not incorrect to
avoid its use altogether. It is also not incorrect to use whatever
punctuation you like however you like, if you think it makes your message
easier to understand (since that is the ONLY reason punctuation is used

     All this is to say that posts from ME will often be centered without
punctuation. When you see this, please do not assume that I'm writing poetry.

--   charghwI'

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