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This 'N' That

A couple quickies.

First off, a general reminder:  Do not forget to put -'e' on your subject
if you are using a pronoun to-be verb!  It is an easy and common mistake,
and one we should strive to eradicate.  The following line from the recent
joke shows this up *three* times:

>wa'DIch ghaH Human, cha'DIch ghaH verengan, wejDIch ghaH tlhIngan.

Needs to be:

wa'DIch ghaH Human'e', cha'DIch ghaH verengan'e', wejDIch ghaH tlhIngan'e'.

Second:  I'd tend to agree with the dispute of the claim that more people
speak tlhIngan Hol than Esperanto.  Certainly many people dabble in tlhIngan
Hol, maybe even have a fair knowledge of it.  But *speak* it?  I have found
precious few who can hold an actual conversation in the language.  Even on
this list, which has a large membership, there's still only a handful who
post regularly (and well) in the language.  The good news is, though, that
we are growing fast, and I think we may well see the day when we overtake
Esperanto.  But I seriously doubt that day is here yet.


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