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alt.config -- "Hit them hard and hit them fast!"


There is currently a discussion in alt.config about whether or not to
form newsgroups on Klingon language and culture, and on how they
should be named and organized. I suggest quick action.

Errors being considered are: placing Klingon studies under one of the
startrek hierarchies; dividing them among rec.., sci.lang.., soc..,
et cetera; combining the culture and language groups; and simply
using rec.arts.startrek.misc with KLINGON: in the subject lines.

I advise going there now, and advocating either a structure like the

	alt.klingon.misc	FAQs, BS, et cetera
	alt.klingon.lang	langauage group

... or no groups at all. Why? Once formed, cleaning up the groups is
going to be damn near impossible.

So what if we need more groups?  Well, that's easy...

	alt.klingon.politics	alt.klingon.civil-wars
	alt.klingon.opera	alt.klingon.opera.'aqtu'.melota'.je
	alt.klingon.ISO-wives	alt.klingon.line-mad-imperials

... or whatever. My proposal keeps all the Klingon groups together,
and eventually, when traffic warrants, we can just "cut and graft"
the whole subtree .klingon.* from alt. to soc.!

Now, this list has more traffic than many alt. newsgroups, so volume
is not a consideration. (Although one netter said that tlhIngan Hol
is now spoken by more people than esperanto, so perhaps I should say
*low* volume is not a consideration!)


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