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Klingon Language Camp: Some Info

Here is a write-up of the Klingon Language Camp that's happening this
summer. I received this information from the camp organizer, Glen
Proechel. This information is copied verbatim from the flyer that he
sent me. Please keep in mind that I am in no way associated with the
Klingon Language School or with this summer program. I am passing along
the information at Mr. Proechel's request so that members of this list
can consider whether they might like to take advantage of this

Elias Israel


			tlhIngan Hol DuSaQ
			August 15-28, 1993

This unique two-week program will take place at scenic Voyageur's View
on the Red Lake River (Doq ngeng bIQtIq) 15 miles south of Thief River
Falls (nIHwI' bIQtIq pum). This camping site offers supervised
swimming, tubing, canoeing, volleyball, fishing and more. A nearby golf
course is also available along with many interesting nature trails.
Overnight accommodations are for tents, campers. Those who prefer to
spend their nights not-so-close to nature may opt for reasonably priced
motel rooms at Chateau Botttineau about a half-mile from Voyageur's
View on Hwy.  32N.  There will be five hours a day of instruction in
the Klingon language by nationally recognized experts in small groups.
Not intended to be a boring grammar drill, there will be lively
techniques and conversation groups to stimulate learning.  Participants
will receive passports to the tlhIngan wo' (Klingon Empire) and will
exchange currency from Terran money to Klingon Huch to buy things in
the camp store. A certified waterfront directory (bIQyaS) will
supervise swimming, canoeing and tubing. Teams in sports activities
will be given Klingon names, scores will be kept in Klingon and cheers
and commands will be taught in the Klingon tongue.

The program is open to all ages, individuals and families. Three meals a
day will be provided at the camp site. You will be expected to bring
your own tents, sleeping bags, etc. (This can be arranged for you at an
extra fee.)

Unaccompanied children who are at least 10 years old may participate in
the program. They will have their own age-appropriate lessons and
activity program. Counselors will be provided for both boys and girls
and they will sleep in separate areas designated for them with the boys
and girls areas separate. Children will need letters signed by the
family physician indicating any health problems and proof of medical
coverage must be provided.

Participants may choose to come for one week or two. A beginners' group
for those who come with no prior experience the second week will be
offered. One week participation will cost $275. The full two week
program will cost $550. Family members who accompany the Klingon
students but do not wish to participate will be charged only for the
meals at a rate to be agreed upon.

Because of the timing, we must get people to make commitments as soon
as possible. For this reason, we are requesting a downpayment of $100
as soon as possible so we can reserve your place. In the case of
cancellation of the program for an reason, your money will be

Make your checks payable to:	Glen Proechel, Klingon Language School
The address is as follows:	Klingon Language School
				P.O. Box 281
				Red Lake Falls, MN 56750
My phone number is:		(218) 253-4149

The Regional Airport is located at Thief River Falls, MN. There are
three flights daily on Northwest Airlines from and to Minneapolis & St.
Paul. We will be able to provide transportation to the Voyageur's View
site from and to the airport. Participants may choose to fly into Grand
Forks ND which is located 40 miles to the west of Voyageur's View and Red
Lake Falls. Transportation to and from the Grand Forks Airport will be
provided at the cost of $20 per person.


Name: (Last)_________________(First)_____________________M/F_____________

Address			City		State			Zip

Profession/Occupation		Age		Dates of Participation
						Session I  August 15-21
						Session II August 22-28
Fax No.			Home Phone

Please Enclose downpayment of $100. Balance of $175 ($450) payable upon

Mail to: Klingon Language School, Box 281, Red Lake Falls, MN 56750

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