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A Purported Translation (with a correction)

Corrected version ('oH replaces ghaH in one place)

Consumer Warning:  I assume throughout that pronouns can take type 5
noun suffixes.  The reason for this is that I see no other way to
use locative constructions with sentences with conjunctions and
achieve reasonable economy.

San joH'a'pu' is a circumlocution for "gods".  tIj, "heart" is used in
a sense which makes the wI' possessive reasonable (at least as a
matter of poetic license).

This poem was rather hard to translate, given the limitations of
vocabulary.  It is a well-known English poem which seems to have a
suitably Klingon feeling about it.  The translation is necessarily
somewhat free, due to above-mentioned vocabulary problems and due
to strictures of Klingon syntax which have necessitated changes in the
order of lines.

Dungvo' mol'a' bIngDaq qIjtaHbogh
ram'a'vo' muSo'taHbogh  (both relative clauses attach to ram'a'vo')
charghlu'be'taHbogh tIqwI'vaD
chaHlaw'bogh San joH'a'pu' vIvan  (no K. for "to thank"!)

ghu'mey ghopDu' qu'Daq
jIjachbe' qoj bIHDaq jIpujchoHbe'
wanI'mey mupghach'a' bIngDaq
'Iw cha' nachwIj 'ach 'oHDaq SiHlu'be'

QeH SaQghach je lanvam HurDaq
ram'a' limmoHwI' neH lupiHlaHlI' Hoch  (limmoHwI', that which causes panic)
'ach jIjotHa'be'bogh jIH
muta' nemmey buQghach 'ej mutu'taH  (use of K. nem is deliberate)

ram lojmIt juSlaHbe'ghach
ram ghitlhlu'bogh Hupghachmey mI'
SanwIj joH jiHbejlI'
tIqwI' HoD jIHbejlI'  (I hope the use of lI' is appreciated)

			--"Randall Holmes" mughlaw'wI'

In line 2, stanza 1, perhaps vo' should follow the second clause.

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