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Re: A Translation

> A recent posting by Will Martin, with an attempt at translation.
> The intention is practice; any corrections are welcome.
>                charghwI' mupong tlhInganpu'
>             Klingons call (someone) conqueror

     Will Martin responds:

     I was trying to follow Captain Krankor's advice on objects (direct and
indirect) from HolQeD vol. 2, no. 1. The sentence was intended to mean
"Klingons call ME Conqueror". This is as close to William as I could get.
"William the Conqueror". Okay?
>                  Will mupong tera'nganpu'
>             Terrans call (someone) Will

     Again, "Terrans call me Will."

>           'ej HIja' DurIH'a' 'e' jatlhpu' la' Qugh
>            and Yes it-energizes-you said Commander Krug

     Almost. The 'a' makes DurIH'a' a question. It was as close to "Yes,
invigorating, isn't it?" as I could manage. Everything else was perfectly
translated. I didn't list that just to keep this brief.

     Thank you for your comments. The feedback is valuable in honing the
language skills. I'd appreciate any grammarians who might further establish
that, in this case, mupong shows proper or improper use of objects.

--   charghwI'

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