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Re: HoS voDleH jIH

> Forum-vamDaq jIchu'. tlhIngan Hol vIjathllaHbe'mo' vIghitlhvIp.
> pongwIj HoS voDleH.

                 qatlh ghItlhvIp HoS voDleH

     Also, is it the convention here to use punctuation? If the list is
trying to be strict in following TKD, punctuation is never mentioned, and
I've never seen it used on any set.

     As a personal choice, I usually avoid punctuation, use a separate line
for each sentence and roughly center the text. I skip a line between
paragraphs (assuming Klingons have such a concept). This is not what I
consider to be the only acceptable method. It is simply my interpretation of
the guidance I've received from HolQeD, TKD and such.

     I'm interested in the opinions of others on these matters.

     I'm also interested if anyone has any suggestions for methods of
expressing "with" or "using", like "I drive with passion" or "I eat with a
fork" or "I eat using a fork". That sort of thing. Each time I look for the
best way to do this, I usually give up and radically rephrase to avoid the

--   charghwI'

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