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Re: HoS voDleH jIH

>Also, is it the convention here to use punctuation? If the list is
>trying to be strict in following TKD, punctuation is never mentioned, and
>I've never seen it used on any set.

We use punctuation here, formatting paragraphs as in English, using
periods as in English, and using question marks as well. (Although I
have at times personally questioned the need for question marks
because there are syntactic indicators of questions in the language.)
Also, when we need to use English words in Klingon sentences, we put
the English words in double quotes, rather than leaving them there or
"Klingonizing" them.

>I'm also interested if anyone has any suggestions for methods of
>expressing "with" or "using", like "I drive with passion" or "I eat with a
>fork" or "I eat using a fork". That sort of thing. Each time I look for the
>best way to do this, I usually give up and radically rephrase to avoid the

This is a complicated can of *qagh*. English has about 16 different
ways to use the word "with". "I drive with passion" can be paraphrased
"I drive passionately", and the construction of new adverbs is
difficult if not impossible in Hol as it stands. As for the
instrumental use, a while ago we sort of decided that the best way was
to form a subordinate clause with "<pfx>lo'taHvIS" "while <subj> is
using <obj>". Thus:

ghopDu'chaj lo'taHvIS qagh Sop tlhInganpu'.
Klingons, while using their hands, eat *qagh*.
Klingons eat *qagh* with their hands.

another way is to use "<pfx>lo'bogh", "which uses", as in:

qagh Sop ghopDu'chaj lo'bogh tlhInganpu'.
Klingons, who use their hands, eat *qagh*.

(And yes, I realize no true gourmet would eat _canned_ *qagh*. {{:-) )

-QumpIn 'avrIn

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