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KSRP: comedies

I've been fooling around looking at the comedies, in case anyone's keeping
count.  I was thinking of doing As You Like it or Midsummer's Night's
Dream.  Got as far as maybe the first speech in the latter, so I wouldn't
worry about my finishing all too quick.  Too bad the comedies tend to be so
un-Klingon.  Hamlet: now *that's* a Klingon play!  Stabbing Polonius, whom
a Klingon would hate as much as any terran, and for the same reasons,
through the arras, lugging guts into neighbor rooms...  Cool.  Hamlet was a
true Klingon.

Which incidentally brings something up.  There's talk about casting the
Chorus as non-Klingon, because he behaves so weakly.  Well, casting him as
non-Klingon is up to you, but don't go around saying that anyone who is not
a tlhInganna', a perfect specimen of all that's good and right in
Klingondom, must be of a different species.  Every culture has its
villains, or else the heros have nobody to play off of.  Macbeth acts in
ways Klingons and Englishmen would find dishonorable, but he's cast as the
same race and nationality as the honorable Banquo; Polonius is of the same
stock as Hamlet, Portia is Shylock's daughter...  Theree are good Klingons
and bad Klingons.  Just because someone would make a bad Klingon doesn't
mean he can't be one at all.


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