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Re: KSRP/KSTP/etc.

On Dec 20,  2:05am, Peter Garza wrote:
> 1. wIch be' = woman of myth.  Why did Mr. Okrand have to make wIch a
> word already?  Anyway, how does this sit for "witch"?

     wichHoS be'? [Woman of mythical power]. In Shakespeare the significance
of her mythology is less than that of her power from a mysterious, mythical

> 2. How would one translate "thunder"?   The whole line is "In thunder,
> lightning, or in rain?"  Suggestions?

     jevDaq chuSqu'? jevDaq wovqu'? pum jevbIQ'a'Daq?

     I'm not thinking clearly enough to have any confidence in the use of
-Daq here. Still, "very noisy storm" is as close to thunder as I could get. I
wanted "brief, bright storm light" for lightning, but I couldn't figure out
how to get "brief". Rain could be a composit as "storm-water". These are only
brainstorming ideas. The grammar checker is not working yet in this snowy AM,
while I have a head cold.

--   charghwI'

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