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Re: KSRP,KBTP getting another list..

>     It has been suggested that we start a new list/lists for the KBTP and
>KSRP.  I say NO!!!!

I agree with David. There's no need to take the Shakespeare translations
off-list unless they get to be overwhelming or if most people would rather
not see the work in progress. For the present, where the volume seems
quite manageable, and quite full of interest for the list, I hope the
discussions will stay, but I propose a strategy that will allow
uninterested people to avoid reading those messages: Start the subject
line of Shakespeare translation messages with a marker so that they
can be easily identified.


	Subject: [KSTP] How do I say "slings and arrows?"

A number of the lists that I read use a mechanism like this and it
works out very nicely because it makes threads and subjects a little
easier to identify and sort.

A similar strategy could be used to identify scripture translations
(say, using the marker "[BIBLE]") to allow that discussion to continue.
It is to be hoped that being able to easily identify and read or discard
those messages as is one's desire will lead to less dissension on that


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