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Something else that occurred to me regarding Dave Barron's "*lughHa' 'oH
jabbI'ID wa'DIch'e'":

As mentioned already, this is incorrect as it presupposes the existence of
adjectives in Klingon (which we know don't exist, just verbs which may be
used adjectivally, and no, I'm not playing word-games, no pun intended).
However, there *is* a grammatically-correct construction that is rather
similar to this, which I could see being used in poetic constructions or
something: "lughHa'wI' 'oH jabbI'ID wa'DIch'e'":  "The first message is an
incorrect thing".  It sounds awfully long-winded to me, but you know how
poetry gets.  Thought I'd mention it.


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