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Re: Project Shakespeare

Nick Nicholas writes:
> luQaw'pu' so'wi' jorwi'chaj: "They were blown up by their own landmine
> [lit: cloaked explosive]". Juxtapose this against the original "petard",
> and you think you won't get a chuckle? I think you will!

	Personally I think the Kligonphiles out there would find this 
very funny as well. I do at least. But then.. oh well.. anyway..
> =     And I bet we're still stuck with "taH pagh taHbe'"... It IS cannon,
> =after all.
> Yes, we are. God, there's going to be a *stampede* of people wanting to
> translate that speech!

	There are always a stampede of people wanting to translate, 
perform, revamp, etc that speech, no matter /what/ language it's in. {{:)

	Okay, now that I've got you all going, 'who the heck is this?' 
let me explain.

	I have been a silent 'watcher' of the list, keeping copies of 
posts until I have time to translate them, etc. I haven't worked up the 
courage to post until now because you have now touched upon a subject 
that I am pleased to say intrigues me to no end.

	I have been a student of Shakespeare (no, not studied with him--I 
wish) since 6th grade. After numerous classes, seminars, training 
programs, opportunities to perform him, direct him, costume him, and 
ultimately write a conclusion or extension of one of his works, I like to 
think of myself as a wanna-be Shakespeare specialist. {{:)

	To that end, I have been studying languages since my tongue could 
make all those 'wierd' noises that are required for 'foreign' languages. 
Now, I happen upon an opportunity to practice both of my loves 
simuultaneously? Count me in! {{:)

	Personally, I think translating his major works will draw 
audience or buyers, but also I think translating  his lesser known works 
would be beneficial as well, simply because there are several that would 
likely ahhere to translating into Klingon culture and modes of thought. 
(_Titus Andronicus_ as opposed to _Romeo and Juliet_, let's say.)

	Anyway, off to look some things over. I'll likely post again 



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