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Re: Project Shakespeare

     "Brush.... Up.... ya Shakespeare...."

     I'm game. After weeks of trying to find my old copy of his complete
works, I broke down and bought another one. I won't be in full swing until
probably February, but I am very interested in the project. Much of the
subject matter is quite appropriate to the leanings of the culture.

     Still, we will lose the magic of phrases like, "hoist by their own
petard," which has nothing to do with having a tow hook lift them by their
nether regions, but instead literally means they were blown up by their own
land mine. Translate that into Klingon and then back into English, and it
does not become more funny or interesting.

     And I bet we're still stuck with "taH pagh taHbe'"... It IS cannon,
after all.

--   charghwI'

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