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Project Shakespeare

Nick's suggestions for the Shakespeare translation project are well
considered.  That's not to say that they'll generate total agreement, but
rather that they emerge from his own efforts and experience in translation,
and that he's been giving thought to some of the problems that lie ahead.

He's also forced my hand a bit.  I was going to announce the call for a KLI
sponsored Shakespeare translation project in the December issue of HolQeD
(and I still am).  But, for those members who are also on the list, here's a
two-week preview.

Thanks to the advantages of nonprofit incorporation (which are FINALLY going
through, thank you!) and the cooperative support of its many members, it
seems likely the KLI is going to be able to actually publish the results of
its projects.  And by publish, I don't mean at the level of HolQeD (which,
I'll admit, I think has pretty good production values), but rather via a
small press: hard bound versions of such things as the Klingon Bible and the
plays and verse of Shakespeare.

Such publications have two very different markets: first, folks like us, who
are interested in translation and the language and the like.  But also
there's a second, larger market.  The same market who are responsible for a
quarter million copies of TKD being in print.  The sort of people who would
buy a copy of the Klingon Hamlet just because it's cool, and who might not
even ever really look at it much (much as they treat their copies of TKD). 
But... I say "might" because if copies of the plays are made available, it's
inevitable that we'll begin seeing them performed, in part or whole, at
conventions.   Which in turn will drum up more interest in the language. 
It's this interest in Klingon which, to my mind, has to be the main reason
for the project.  Not just because it would be an exciting venture in itself,
but because it will bring in more people, turn them on to the idea of
studying the language, and snowball the whole thing.

Ambitious?  Well, yeah, of course it is.  But then, think of what has
happened in the last two years?  Why stop now?

So, give some more thought to the idea of translating Shakespeare.  I'll have
more to say about the project in HolQeD in a couple weeks, and I'll certainly
want your input.  Let me remind you that the whole purpose of the KLI is to
provide structure and support for activities involving the language, to bring
people together, and to facilitate just such projects as I'm talking about
here.  And there's no denying, it IS a big project.  I hope you'll lend your


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