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venglIjDaq pawbej *SantatlhoS*

          Here's another Christmas song to sing around the QISmaS Sor.
          The last line doesn't quite fit the meter very well, and
          I've stretched some syllables, but overall it works ok.
          Comments/corrections are welcome.

               yIqejtaHQo'.  yISaQtaHQo'.
               yIjangtaHQo'.  DaH meq qaja'rup:
               venglIjDaq pawbej SantatlhoS!

               QonoS ghItlhlI'.  cha'logh 'ollI'.
               mIghtaHchugh vay' vaj tu'bej Santa.
               venglIjDaq pawbej SantatlhoS!

               bIQongtaHvIS Daleghbej.
               bIQongHa'taHvIS Sov.
               bImIghchugh vaj Sov.  bImIghHa'chugh vaj Sov.
                 vaj yImIghHa'!


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