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tlho'ghach Ha'DIbaHmey je

Nick Nicholas, "Shakespeare" DaghItlhqa'mo' qatlho'qu'.  I've been
thinking about starting Macbeth.  It has kind of a Klingon-esque
storyline (treachery, violence, honor, etc.)  I also can't wait to see
some of my friends faces when I go back to school saying "wa'leS,
wa'leS je, wa'leS je.", "Is this a betleH I see before me, handle
toward my hand?  Come, let me clutch thee."  Again, qatlho'.

Now, about animals.  Any ideas what the animal on the bridge is in ST
III?  Did Okrand ever give it a name that anyone knows?  Are there any
descriptions in any of the ST books?  I could go for Nick Nicholas's
decision of "Qogh" for dog and "'er" for some deer-like animal.

Peter Garza

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