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No Subject

I want to address two areas.

First, I have been suprised by the lack of christians who have expressed 
interest in the KBTP.  I am a christian (never would have guessed based on 
my sig.) and am looking forward to a chance at learning the scriptures 
better.  I do not expect to "convert" anyone by the work and that is not 
why I am participating.  I want a project to improve my skills in tlhIngan 
Hol.  I hope more people will get involved and am looking forward the the 
release of the AKV of the bible.

Second, I do think that tlhIngan Hol can be made into a viable language.  
It is not as hard as you may think to translate other material into it.  I 
have enjoyed working with the fables of Aesop and plan on translating 
several more of them. BTW does anyone have any idea what type of an 
animals these resemble?

         'er                 type of animal (n)
         Qa'                 type of animal (n)
         Qogh                type of animal (n)
         chemvaH             type of animal (n)
         to'baj              type of animal (n)

Currently I think the limits of what can be done need to be explored.  The 
main thing is to keep trying.  I hope, now that the academic semester is 
comming to an end here, that I can get a lot of work done over Christmas.  
I want to work with reading many of the posts in tlhIngan Hol and in 
working on Ruth and more of Aesop.
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