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KBTP (or whatever the acronymn is):  I haven't been translating any of
it because I've been busy with finals.  I'm really not too jazzed
about it anyway.  Reading the bible hasn't really been a great love of
mine.  Maybe that's because my dad's a Presbyterian minister.  Oh,

charghwI' 's leaving and returning:  I'm glad to see you're back.
This list seems to have only a few regulars in the discussions, and
takng one away would hurt the list.

Other stuff in Klingon:  Hopefully, now that I'm on vacation, I can
write a story that's been in my head for a while.  Also, would the
wonderful soul who translated Shakespeare either repost it or e-mail
it to me.  I'm a Drama major who would die at the chance to work my
way through some verses of the Klingon bard.  (Uh oh... TKBP - the
Klingon Bard Project  :)

QubghachwIj Qav (for now)

Any speculation on what Klingon holidays are?  It sounds like
birthdays are days for meditation.  Personally, I think Klingons would
celebrate a new year, possibly as one more year they survived.  Maybe
they hold some ceremony to remember qeylIS.  Any comments?

Peter Garza

ghItlh 'o'
I was fully expecting a hearty fire roasting the "For He's a Jolly
Good Fellow" on last week's STTNG.  Did no one record it, or has
everyone just kinda given up on STTNG attempts at Klingon?

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