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Re: tlhIngan vuD

batlh choja', quv:

I think I've said enough on the topic of using Klingon (boy. Back on Lojban
list, we never questioned making Lojban speakable), and would like to hear
more opinions from others here. As to the phonology, tho:

=What's more, Klingon phonology seems downright frustrating when trying
=to transliterate. I mean, hey, why say {rIghlIy SpIrmInt}, if a) no
=Klingon would have the faintest notion what you were refering to, and
=b) they doubtfully could even accurately replicate the sound.
=[] I would be willing to bet
=Klingons have an even greater stubbornness to do perform such unusual
=mouth tricks.
=(two friends of mine who asking me about {yInga''egh} and after hearing
=such corruptions as *{yIna'er}, I couldn't get them to shut up and
=stop slaughtering the language.)

1. There is no way yInga''egh can be construed a Klingon insult, and Okrand
did well not to get enthused about it. Imagine a Peter-Sellers-style
Klingon reaction to it? "Have sex with myself? I do not believe my
anatomy is that flexible. If you are referring to masturbation, why would
you consider that an insult?" (etc. OK, that's more a Data response.)
Stick to "targhwIj yInagh yIruch".

2. Like I've said, transliterated Terran words in Hol are bound to look
like English words in Japanese. They would certainly say "rIghlIy SIpIrmInIt"
--- if they have any time for chewing gum. (Or, if your Klingon is more
Turkish, "rIghlIy 'ISpIrmInIt".)

=ANYWAYS, my main point (which I've totally strayed from) is that Trek
=material for the time being is what Klingon was originally designed for.
=I offer no opposition to those looking for a challenge, but I shall stick
=to what I know, until Hol develops more (and I anticipate such a development
=in future years; I just don't know how many future years)...

Which is fine; I just find it interesting that I haven't encountered *serious*
vocab trouble so far in my translating. Why not just call a car a "Duj", after 
all? The name of the game is vague definitions.

"Relax." -- "yIleS." [Three seconds pause.] "Stop Relaxing!" -- "yIleSHa'!"
                                  --- the Conversational Klingon tape.
   Nick "I am not a Klingon. Much." Nicholas.
nIchyon jIH. nIchyon SoHbe'. nIchyon ghaHbe'. nIchyon tlhIHbe'. nIchyon jIHqu'.

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