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tlhIngan mu'ghom'a' chu'

Oh, my, I was afraid it would come to this.  That's the problem with
translating the Bible, almost everyone has some sort of deeply-held feeling
about it, positive or negative.

I don't know about the rest of you, or Kevin Wilson, for that matter, but
to me, the only reason for translating the Bible into tlhIngan Hol is
because it tends to get publicity and makes people take you a tiny bit more
seriously.  Why?  Probably chauvinistic reasons in the lay (non-linguistic,
I mean) community, and even among linguists.  Is it a way to convert,
preach, etc?  I hope not.  At least, it isn't to me.  Much of my family,
too, was wiped out by people quoting verses from the book that bears my
name which Nick is translating; I don't see think that's relevant to my
involvement with the project.  More importantly, I would hope people don't
become so wrapped up in this that they think that the KBTP is the sum total
of current Klingon-study.  If that becomes the case, Klingon would be
nothing more than some special religious language, used for nothing but
preaching... and then I wouldn't want any part of it either, no matter
whose religion it is.  You don't like the KBTP?  Fine.  I can't blame you.
When I first heard it I thought it wasn't the greatest of ideas (and I
still don't), but I decided that if anything came of it, I'd be happier
having been involved than otherwise.  If you don't give a damn about it, I
don't blame you, and I don't blame you for not being involved with it,
then.  But then work on something else, don't give up on the parts you
like.  That was why I asked that KBTP mail be flagged in the Subject
headers:  NOT for people who want to read it, they'll find it anyway, but
for people who *don't* want to read it, so they can delete it more easily.
I know that Krankor doesn't read them, for reasons probably not dissimilar
to your own (Please don't quote me, I can't speak for him).  I don't think
*he's* planning on unsubscribing!

In short, don't go elsewhere, just make a place for yourself *here*.  I
would hope that this list *not* turn into the "Klingon Bible Translation
List", and I don't think there's call for a special list for that yet (I
may be wrong).  You won't be alone in doing so.  Look at Nick's Shakespeare
translation, or Guido#1's story (which I haven't finished, but so far found
truly excellent (modulo one grammar error so far)).  Or the ongoing grammar
discussions, or trI'Qal's bumper stickers...

Am I making sense?


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