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Re: tlhIngan mu'ghom'a' chu'


     Gee. I feel divided here.

     On the one hand, I read an interest in a data base of some sort for
Klingon language related stuff, and I just got Microsoft Access and the
Access Distribution Kit, so I could work up just such a data base that would
be for both the word list and the combined rules of grammar. Anyone with a
Windows based PC could run the resulting Database.

     On the other hand, I am on the verge of unsubscribing. I'm sure there
are at least as many people on the list who would be relieved by this
decision as there would be those dissappointed by it.

     My personal experience with Christianity leaves me unwilling to allow it
to become a part of my environment. My fundamentalist grandmother could not
complete a paragraph without a biblical quote. She spoke as if God and the
devil were actively walking around the planet in a constant battle over your
next decision. [I personally doubt that humanity is all that important.] The
kindness in your heart or the honesty of your intent and expression were
insignificant compared to your degree of willingness to accept Jesus into
your life (whatever the fuck that means) and live by the teachings of the
bible. I leave the obscenity in that sentence just to convey to others the
level of obscenity I feel when presented with Christian language.

     This woman (my grandmother) taught her daughter that she deserved to
burn in Hell. The ramifications of this had a deep effect on MY life, not by
my choice.

     I am also insulted by the disrespect that Christians showed the beliefs
of my Cherokee ancestors. I know of too many people murdered or brainwashed
in the name of Christianity to want to read Klingon translations of the bible
or to read English commentary on Klingon translations of the bible.

     Intense? Yes. I do not expect support. Clearly, there are people here
who really want to be involved in this endeavor. For me, it is isolating and
intimidating. I choose to go elsewhere.

     I will miss the list. I have learned a lot by participating in it.

     I will miss the camp in Red Falls. I received a mailing for it and while
I would have paid and participated gladly in such a camp, the association
with Christianity was stated too blatently for me in the mailing to consider
accepting it. I did not join a Christian Klingon list, and I did not buy a
Christian Klingon dictionary. While I am not the sort of extremist that would
bomb a church, I do believe that Christianity in general gets along fine
without my support. It will not be augmented by it.

     I will continue to subscribe to HolQeD until such a time that it also
becomes excessively involved in Christian endeavors. I may also contribute
toward it until such a time. If anything comes of my Klingon database, I will
probably publicize it in HolQeD (assuming it does not first become a
Christian publication).

     Anyone wishing to write me should do so at I will
probably not get many more messages posted to this list.

--   charghwI'

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