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Re: HaghmoHwI'Hom vInIDqa'

On Dec 3,  5:37pm, wrote:
> Subject: Re: HaghmoHwI'Hom vInIDqa'
> charghwI'vaD:
> And finally, charghwI' came up with
> {qechraj QaQ law' qechwIj QaQ puS 'e' teHchugh}
> Hey, everything goes when the grammarians are away!! (Ooh, I just know
> I'm gonna be in hot water when Qanqor returns)
> charghwI', your sentence is WRONG!!!            There! I said it!! Ha!!
> If your intent was to make {'e'} the subject of {teHchugh}, then
> you are unfortunately mistaken. It's a somewhat obscure error.

     If you think I was trying to make 'e' the subject, then YOU are wrong.
It was the object. My sentence fragment plainly translates to "If it is true
that your idea is better than my idea..." I could have stated an explicit
pronoun for the subject, but that hardly seems necessary.

     I've rarely seen anyone so proud of a mistake. ("There! I said it!!

> I've been guilty of it too. But {'e'} cannot be a subject of anything.
> Check back to TKD, 6.2.5. It's this danged sentences-as-subjects thing 
> again.

     This is not news. I never intended 'e' to be the subject. Not once.

> I hate to rain on anybody's parade, but we STILL don't have any sort of
> way to tack verb suffixes into comparative constructions. I don't soubt
> we'll eventually find some way around this. Altho, you could listen to
> what I've been saying........ Use {net}. I told you, I swear I heard
> it in ST5: {qIp net Qatlh} = "Difficult to hit". Why doesn't anyone
> believe me?!!

     My parade remains undrenched. Please reread my suggestion. Lacking the
ill-perceived illusion of error, it may serve your needs.

> Hey, I know its not officially written by the Holy Hand of Okrand,
> The Master, The God of Linguistics.
> O Almighty Creator of tlhIngan Hol.
> I, Guido the Humble, beseech thee!!
> Give us a sign that {net} can indeed be used the way I heard it in ST5.
> I shall not make use of your sacred treasured {net} in this way
> until You, Whose exceedingly tremendous language Abilities
> infinitely outweigh mine own non-existent abilities,
> Sanction it with Thy Most Holy and Divine written word of Officialdom.
> And then shall I respect thy law to the utmost degree.
> O Master of tlhIngan, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sanction this.
> These Your loyal tlhIngan Hol HaDwI'pu' refuse to listen to me,
> the wretched loathesome something or other that I am,
> not even worthy to crawl amidst the serpentine insects and what not
> among the balls of stale food, lint, and slime.
> Mayhaps they will listen to thee, O Great Guru of All That Is tlhIngan.

     Might I be sensing a slight tinge of sarcasm? Beware! Klingons often do
not catch on to such subtlety.

--   chargwI' 

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