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Re: new klingon proverbs

On Nov 29,  3:29pm, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
> How about "SuvwI' nIv ghopDu'Daq 'oHDI', chuS'ugh rur jagh Hugh" (or invert
> the last two noun phrases depending on which meaning you want).  This along
> the lines of "matay'DI' vIHtaHbogh bIQ rur mu'qaDmey" (between us, curses
> flow like water) from PK.
> ~mark

     I like the suggestion a lot. It struck me as funny and accurate, and
LESS ambiguous than English. The only assumption is that rur is not as
specific to vision as "resemble" tends to be in English. It must be able to
also mean "sounds like", "feels like" or otherwise "is similar in some way
to". The PK example reinforces this assumption.

     As for the PK example, again, the Klingon is more meaningful than the
translation: "When (as soon as) we are together, challenge words resemble
running water." That touches the meaning more than: "Between us, curses flow
like water." Meanwhile, English speakers might digest the weaker translation
with greater ease.  {{:)>

--   charghwI'

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