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Klingon Bible Translation Project

Greetings from the empire!

	Allow my to introduce myself.  I am Kevin Wilson, the director of
the Klingon Bible Translation Project.  At the encouragement of several of
the translators working on the project, I have finally managed to obtain
an E-mail account.

	As most of you know, the Klingon Bible Translation Project began
last September when the KLI agreed to sponsor the project.  We currently
have eight translators working on the project, and are moving along at a
fairly decent rate.  Jonah has already been completed, and significant
portions of Ruth, Obadiah, Mark, John, James, and Revelation have been
translated.  We hope to have this project completed in a couple of years.
The translation is not being done for religious reasons (although many of
the translators have religious affiliation), but just for the sake of
enjoying ourselves and practicing tlhIngan Hol.  It will also add to the
lamentably small corpus of works written in tlhIngan Hol.  

	I would like to encourage anyone who is interested to apply.  The
project can take up as little or as much of your time as you want.  You
can move at your own pace and can translate as large or small a portion of the
Bible as you wish.  The Bible contains many short books which could
reasonable be translated in a week or two, and I would be happy to have
someone sign on to the project to do one of these, even if that was the
only book they did.  In short, we are willing to take whatever help we can
get, since it means the project will get done that much quicker.

	If you would like to apply, receive information about the project,
or just ask questions, please contact me at <>.
I also encourage those of you who are working on the project to contact me
to let me know your E-mail address and how you are doing.

						Kevin A. Wilson

P.S.  As my first question to the mailing list, I would like to know if
anyone remembers the name of the martial art that Worf has been teaching
in several episodes of TNG.

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