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tlhInganpu' tIQ Qun ???????? ??? ???

I have been a Klingonist since 2002.

I've dabled in many projects over the years, but his most recent translation of Sophos Anti-Virus seems to have gotten some attention. See [1] and [2]

'''It seems people have been attacking my Sophos translation. I assure you that I used care to translate the software as accuratly as possible. I will post a blog about the project, and my use of -ghach shortly. My blog is at [3]'''

Now that I'm done with the Sophos project, I will be resuming my personal project of "The Klingon Kama Sutra" (parmaq paq ?????? ???). You can find more info on my KKSKlingon Kama Sutra blog: [4] and by following @_KKSKlingon Kama Sutra on Twitter.

I am one of the translators of the tlhIngan Hol Google site.

I am also the founder of wejDIch Wednesday on Twitter. The third Wednesday of each month, several of us tweet exclusivly in the warrior tounge. [5]

My Google profile will diret you to anywhere else you need to go. You may also e-mail me through it. [6]

Oh, and my weapons: [7]

--- I have never had anyone ask what my name meant, or why I picked it, but in case anyone wondered... It all started when I was in this play. I was God (a minor role, really), and my prop for the play was a pineapple. It was supposed to be "The Word of God". So for the few months of rehearsal, everyone just called me "God". Eventually one of my standard nicknames was "The God of Pineapple". And it was during that time period that I was looking for a tlhIngan pong. So I looked up the word for God, and the word for fruit (knowing full well there are not any pineapples on Qo'noS), and I came up with naH Qun, or The God of Fruit/Vegetable. I decided that I didn't want a space in my name, so it became naHQun.

Well since no one in Dallas seems to want to hear my story of how I discovered Klingon, maybe one of you will.

My friends and I were at Half-Price Books; and I saw Conversational Klingon on clearance for $1 (they had like 20 of them). And I'm like, "Whoa! I can learn Klingon with a tape!" So we walked around with that for a while. Then I asked a cashier where I could find The Klingon Dictionary (having a vague memory of seeing one in the 80's), and realizing that it might be a little more useful than just the tape. He took me right to it, and I spent the next couple minutes skimming through it. My friends and I spent the drive home listening to CK (mostly the beginning where you try to say Q and almost choke yourself).

After that both the tape and the book ended up on my shelf. About a month later I moved to Indy (Indianapolis); and since I didn't know anyone, I sat down and actually tried to learn tlhIngan Hol. I ended up at a book store up there, and they had The Klingon Hamlet on the shelf, and I just had to have it. So I bought it. In the back it had the URL for the KLI, and I was very impressed that there was an actual Klingon Language Institute. After I logged onto the site, I found out about ghIlghameS and Much Ado About Nothing, and bought them.

So I discovered Klingon for $1 and because I was bored up in Indy...