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KLIKlingon Language Institute Wiki 2.0 (2014-)

The current WikipIn is Lieven Litaer.

The current Server Administrator is qurgh (De'wI' pIn? dezwiz pin).

KLIKlingon Language Institute Wiki 1.0 (2002-2012)

Supvam leHwI' gheSpu' Alan Anderson.

pIn boss is an element found in the duty positions QeDpIn science officer, jonpIn engineering officer, QumpIn communications officer, etc. The person responsible for the general state of the KLI Wiki has been dubbed the WikipIn.

I, Alan Anderson, have volunteered to take on the task of keeping things tidy. That means that I have a way to restore pages to a previous state when desired, I am able to remove pages outright, and I have some say in what's considered reasonable content. While discussions are often appropriate, this is not intended as a general discussion forum. Conversations are subject to deletion, or sometimes being moved to a separate page when they provide useful historical background for information presented.

As the WikipIn, I'm going to take a very soft approach to begin with and let the Wiki grow under the combined influence of its users. I did customize the FrontPage to make the Wiki a little more approachable for newcomers, and I have some ideas for a structure that might be useful once more than a few pages have appeared, but I'd rather see how it shapes itself first without an imposed framework. I will be doing some subtle editing to help categorize pages, but don't be surprised if the overall shape of the Wiki remains somewhat fluid for a while.

People with admin rights

This is the current list of administrators:

People with bureaucrat rights

This is the current list of bureaucrats: