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Wanted Templates

I'm adding the apparante wanted templates here to see if the links disappear after I remove them here. (now I removed them, see again now...)

Test for Klingon text

Now, THIS is very easy to add tlhIngan Hol with one click and even pikad and PIKAD.

An now I'm stupid and try to mix formats: pikad

An now I'm stupid and try to mix formats: pikad

Unicode pIqaD needs to be unicode characters from the PUA block: .

Note: In xifan pIqaD, it's pikad not piqad as k = q and q = Q.

Look at the first line above: Why does PIKAD also work with the UC format? It does on my computer at least. OTOH, I see your unicode signs only as squares. I test again:


<pIqaD>dah xifan hol vigixmeh degmey mac vilo'</pIqaD>
dah xifan hol vigixmeh degmey mac vilo'

I have adjusted the font family for pIqaDUC so that it only includes the Unicode webfont and no local client fonts. If you do not see pIqaD between <pIqaDUC> tags, then your system might not be using the webfonts correctly. Check the browser console for any 404 errors. --qurgh (talk) 13:14, 4 August 2014 (PDT)

Old testings

xifan pIqaD must be written in lowercase letters, while unicode pIqaD must be the actual unicode letters.. See Extension:KLI for examples.

You can try out Wiki in here.

Have fun :-) Just try not to engage in any Wiki vandalism elsewhere.

What is the Klingon word for translator?

That's an easy one. Use the verb mugh "translate" with the verb suffix -wI' "one who does", yielding mughwI' "one who translates" -- or "translator".

Test by nI'taQ!

Discussion moved to Why a KLI Wiki?.



Or not!

Saving still work?

OK... Puttering with some silly "notions" in the Wiki code...

GEOS is wonderful!


Good for you, but it's almost irrelevant. Try not to let your love of the fictional Star Trek universe blind you to the reality of the Klingon language.

jIwaHlI' jIH. blahblah.

KLI yImuvneS. [1]Daq Datu'ba'.

tlhIngan Hol'e' wakarimasu yo.

I can never remember how lists work...

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
    1. four?


  • one
  • two
  • three.
    • four
  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
4. four!

  • Hoch waw'lIj DIjon
    • cheghpu' AYB! __Test script''' LinkMe

Why am I having such trouble with italics?
Could it be because of the line break?

Why don't you just try?
and see what happens if you do it like this?

And more testing.

nuqDaq ghaH HoSDo''e'

HIvqa' HoSDo'

Common Grammar Questions And Problems

Trying out the new KLIKlingon Language Institute member login! Aha! You still need to use a login name if you want to be someone other than an address. Ohhh! You need to enter a Wiki nickname on the member login page! Very confusing.

Trying some more . . . . Looking good!

Ok, added a wiki login name but that didn't work, now I've tried logging into the wiki as well and that doesn't work either... how do we get our names back? I've even tried deleting the cookie and starting again... and that didn't work either...

Hang on, I'm working on it... This it? Yay, I think I got it.

Cool! Qapla'!

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