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The first Terran Klingon speakers leaned to speak the language in isolation, entirely by reading and studying The Klingon Dictionary. A new century has come since then, and while TKDThe Klingon Dictionary is still the student's best single reference, you have the opportunity to take an online course, available free as a privilege of membership in the KLI. Use the appropriate wiki pages to ask questions about the course material or get extra exercises for each lesson. The first course, Level One - taghwI' will prepare you to pass the KLCP level one exam.

The course has only just become available so ask your questions by editing this web page right here, and we'll organize them into more pages when there are enough questions and answers to warrant that.

Frequent Questions

Q: When will the next level course come out?

A: I hope to have it available one year after the first one came out, so approximately Spring 2016.

Q: Is the course official, canon Klingon?

A: The course is based entirely off canon Klingon sources, by an expert Klingon speaker and in consultation with other experts. The vocabulary is all canon, but most of the sentences are not. If you disagree with an interpretation or usage, this page is a fine place to discuss it.

Q: I can't access the course and I can't edit the wiki to ask about it.

A: The course and wiki are open to KLIKlingon Language Institute members only. For the price of the membership fee ($10 US) you can have access to the whole course all year, plus personal assistance from the instructor.

Q: I think this word/statement/typo/formatting in the course needs correcting.

A: Please report typos or other apparent errors at LKO Errors.