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Many Klingonists today know one another and some of the other "big names" from the KLI mailing list, but it might be good to list some of the prominent names in Klingondom, past as well as present, so that references to earlier generations might not be missed by newcomers, and similarly so incoming Klingonists will know the current crop. The famous and the infamous.

Feel free to add folks you think need adding, and fill in the pages of those listed here. Nobody should feel insulted at being left out here; just add yourself! I will probably add a bunch and then get bored, so if I didn't get to you it just means I got bored too early. I tend to use Klingon names as the main/only entry for people who seem to be known mostly by their tlhIngan pong, but people who are better-known by their common name get that for top billing.

Order is currently alphabetical by last Terran name, or tlhIngan pong, if Terran name not provided. Re-order as needed.