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"The ultimative interactive adventure"

The game is nice, but more important to us is the Language Lab.

About the game:

Assume the role of the klingon boy poq - who is about to become a man, a warrior, a true '''tlhIngan SuvwI''''.

Live and act as a klingon, travel the river of blood - be klingon.

"Star Trek: Klingon" is best described as interactive movie - if you don´t stress the "interactive". Your actions throughout the game are severly limited, but somehow you don´t mind - because watching the movie is far too interesting. Real(life) video, directed by Jonathan Frakes, whole 90 minutes of it. Klingons (almost) all the time - afterwards you´re going to miss the bumpy foreheads ;-) Though your actual decisions are few, and all of them have only one right way, you can click almost anytime, and "ask" for information about this and that, enriching your knowledge of klingon culture.

The game is quite straight-forward, there is only right and wrong - but sometimes the wrong way is interesting nonetheless.

The story´s rather simple, though there are (more or less) two of them - story in a story, so to speak. The "outer" story is that you are a human, playing a holodeck adventure, with Gowron as the narrator/guide. He´ll usually talk to you when you take the wrong action - or none at all. The actual story, though, is the one mentioned above - about young poq, who is to become a man. On this very day, however, his father is murdered - so he, as well as the others, swears a blood-oath, to find the murderers of his father and take revenge.

During the journey you´ll experience several "typically klingon" situations - think like a klingon, and you´ll succed. Think like a human, and, well - it´s just a game. Fortunately...

Also on the discs is the Klingon Language Lab, and parts of Power Klingon as audio cd.

Useless facts:

There are at least 3 versions of this game available, probably 4. They´re essentially the same with different publisher/packaging. One version for PC, one for MacIntosh.

They are:

  • published by Simon & Schuster Interactive
    • MacIntosh: superior graphic, probably because the video has not been butchered, as for the PC version. (The original video dimensions were 320x240 - for the PC version it was reduced to 320x200 - a one-side only resize. Making an oblong out of a square.) Additionally, this Mac-Version contains a bumper sticker with the writing "qIm tera'ngan!". Interestingly, it also has the largest package, the words "STAR TREK" are in silver.
    • PC: worse graphic(it´s not brilliant to begin with, but the resize-manhandling surely did it´s best to worsen it. This PC version doesn´t come with anything of interest. It is the version sold by the KLIKlingon Language Institute, btw. The package is slightly smaller, though still too large, considering that all that´s inside is a 4CD case with the manual as inlay. The words "STAR TREK" are written in white.
  • published by CIC, London
    • MacIntosh: I can only guess, as I don´t have it(yet). Probably the same as the S&S version, except for packaging.
    • PC: Obviously a 1:1 copy of the S&S CDs, though with different CD labels. This version features a rather large manual, not the inlay as with the others.

It may be a reprint, or a local version - I have no clue. Funny thing, the text on the backside of the box is written in English, German, and three other languages which I don´t know, though I suppose it´s French, Spanish and something else. Maybe it´s a European version? The package is, again, smaller than the S&S PC-Version, though it too features the white "STAR TREK". Unlike the other two, it´s made of stiff cardboard, two halves, instead of a folded paper-box with cardboard inlay. The most interesting fact is that THIS version comes with "Exclusive set of 4 Klingon colour stills enclosed"(sticker on box). These color stlls are taken from the game, featuring Gowron and three other klingons. They´re nice, but nothing spectacular.

My conclusion:

If you want to PLAY the game, get the MacIntosh version - the graphics are better. I can´t guarantee that it´ll work, though, I doubt the game´s been optimized for MacIntosh, so you probably will need an older system. The PC version won´t play on a computer with anything newer than Win98, I´m afraid. It simply doesn´t run with Win2k. You might get it running by using compatibility mode, but I wouldn´t recommend doing so. The game seems to use rather low level programming(meaning it tries to access the hardware directly), which could result in serious problems under systems that are rather picky with direct hardware access.

A few videos from the game are available on the net, the most interesting probably being the Klingon Anthem. Since I don´t know how legal that is, I won´t post any links - they´re easy to find, anyway. (Note: don´t expect much, though - the quality IS mediocre at best.)

The book

As you might know, there is also a book version of the game available. It does not cotain a simple retelling, but rather some story before and after what happens during the game.

The few words of klingon are quite good, except that they´re misspelled(probably a typeset problem). A definite must for those who liked the game. (BTW: An audio version exists as well.)