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As a human living on planet Earth, Jeremy is a podiatric physician living and practicing in Chicago, IL, USA. His wife is a teacher and his son is 11 years old at this time. Jeremy is mostly Scottish in ancestry and his wife is of Spanish descent (Gallego). They are both fluent in Spanish. Jeremy has also studied a number of other languages to differing levels of competence, but English and Spanish are the only ones he currently counts as fluent.

Mostly, when Jeremy studies Klingon, he likes to pretend that he is a human studying an alien language and culture. But occasionally he begins to fall under the delusion that he is Klingon, which is generally when he uses the name janSIy. He has occasionally also been called by the nick name qamQel.

Jeremy joined the KLI in 1992. Perhaps his most significant contribution to the Klingon speaking community has been his letter that appeared in TV Guide in January 1993. From that a media frenzy was sparked and the KLI and the Klingon language got their first moment in the spotlight.

Jeremy was also one of the teachers at the first Klingon Language Camp in Red Lake Falls, MN in August of 1993. It was at this camp that he discovered the talent of reading pIqaD in mirror image.

Since then he has continued to be involved in the KLIKlingon Language Institute and the Klingon language peripherally. He attended the 3rd, 4th, 9th, and 11th qep'a'mey and hopes to be at the 15th qep'a'. Perhaps one day, Jeremy will be able to include Klingon in his list of fluent languages.