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KLIlogo.gif Welcome to the wiki of
the Klingon Language Institute

Welcome to the KLIKlingon Language Institute Wiki.

A Wiki is by nature dynamic, so a static table of contents cannot adequately serve as a way to navigate. However, here are some entry points where you may begin your exploration of (and contribution to) this resource.

General Wiki information

If you're not familiar with the Wiki way, start here.

Specific to the KLIKlingon Language Institute Wiki

If you already know Wiki markup, be warned that the text formatting rules are different here. Typical Klingon text has features which confound typical Wiki formatting.

  • WikiWords/BumpyText does not work. Use [[brackets]] instead. Links are case sensitive to handle tlhIngan Hol spelling. English links should be capitalized for maximum compatibility.
  • All apostrophe (') based markup has been replaced with backquotes (`). For example, '' does not work for italics, use `` instead.
  • The <tlh></tlh> tag pair can be used to format the contents as bold and red to indicate Klingon text.
  • The <pIqaD></pIqaD> tag pair can be used to display text mapped to the KLIKlingon Language Institute pIqaD Font in a xifan pikad font.
  • The <pIqaDUC></pIqaDUC> tag pair can be used to display Unicode pIqaD text in a   font.
  • Anyone can create an account using the link at the top of the page, but only KLIKlingon Language Institute Members can add or edit pages. Whatever name you enter will appear on the Special:RecentChanges page identifying any modifications you make. Newly registered KLIKlingon Language Institute Members will need to contact a Wiki Administrator to be given permissions to add/edit.
  • Write-access to this Wiki is restricted to KLIKlingon Language Institute members. Non-members are welcome to read the site, but only members may edit pages. This is necessary to cut down on the "Wiki Vandalism" we've experienced