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[Tlhingan-hol] Bird of Prey Classes

HoD qunnoQ (

<div dir="ltr"><div><div><div>nuqneH<br><br></div>i was searching online for Klingon Birds of Prey, and i noticed that various classes are named like this : simple consonant--&gt;glottal stop--&gt;consonant.<br><br></div>for example b&#39;rel klass, k&#39;t&#39;inga class, etc..<br><br></div><div>are these names considered canon ? i mean apart the &quot;k&#39;t&#39;inga&quot; which obviously can&#39;t be canon (klingon does not have the letter &quot;k&quot;) what about the &quot;b&#39;rel&quot; ? Am i allowed to place a single consonant followed by the glottal stop,and then another consonant ?<br><br></div><div>Qapla&#39;!<br></div></div>
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