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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Phonemes

Steven Boozer (

Felix Malmenbeck:
>I've been trying to thing of instances where we might see {n} follower by
>{gh}; it doesn't strike me as a strange combination, but I've never seen it.
>This would be interesting because - disregardring the three-consonant
>cluster {tlH} - it's the only case I can think of where capitalizing {H}
>makes any difference.

I know of only one example:

lIghonngan  	Ligonian (person) KGT

Okrand comments on this unusual combination:

KGT 141:  Actually, there is some phonetic variation here. Ligonian is often pronounced {lIghongan}, dropping the final {n} of {lIghon} before the initial {ng} of {ngan}. This is not considered an error, only an alternate pronunciation.

Presumably the same thing happened with {vulqangan} Vulcan, from an unattested alternate/earlier form *{vulqanngan}.

>{-ngH-} occurs when one applies -Ha' to a verb or adverb ending in {ng}.
>An attested example is {tungHa'}.
>It also occurs when one applied -Hom or -Hey to a noun ending in {ng}.
>Attested examples include {vengHom} and {mangHom}.

Add {ghungHa'} to the list.  Lieven wrote from the Saarbrucken 2011 qepHom'a' (11/15/2011):

  I asked if there were a word for satisfied, I'm full, i.e. you had
  eaten enough. MO said no, but accepted {ghungHa'} for "not hungry
  any more". You cannot use it though to say that you are not hungry,
  that should be {ghungbe'} "not hungry". But if you are hungry first,
  then you eat enough, then you can say {DaH jIghungHa'} "Now I am un-
  hungry" (= "not hungry any more").

> I can find no instances of {-ngh-}  [...]

nenghep 		Age of Ascension (n)

mengho' naH  	mango (n) (TNK)

tlhonghaD 		*klongat* (n)
["A beast native to Qo'noS that is much larger than a targ and more difficult to subdue. Sometimes used as a riding beast." (vetted by Okrand?  Cf. DeCandido's _Honor Bound_ et al.).

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