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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: nIbpoH

Steven Boozer (

> Klingon Word of the Day for Thursday, March 26, 2015
> Klingon word: nIbpoH
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: deja vu

I.e. the feeling that an action has occurred before.

Worf tells Riker during a poker game: "I am experiencing *nIb'poH*. The feeling I have done this before." (As it turns out, he had. The Enterprise was caught in a destructive temporal loop for 17.4 days in the Typhon Expanse. Dr. Crusher called it "a sense of repetition") [TNG "Cause and Effect"] 


nIb  		be identical (v)
rap 		be the same (v)
rur 		resemble (v)

pIm 		be different (v)
Sar 		be varied/various (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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