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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingons vs. Cards

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

<html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xmlns:w="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:word" xmlns:m=""; xmlns="";><head><meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=us-ascii"><meta name=Generator content="Microsoft Word 14 (filtered medium)"><style><!--
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</o:shapelayout></xml><![endif]--></head><body lang=EN-CA link=blue vlink=purple><div class=WordSection1><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif";color:#1F497D'>From having played the game, I believe the best cards were those that played on known quotes, much like &#8220;taHjaj ____&#8221; of your example. <o:p></o:p></span></p><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif";color:#1F497D'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif";color:#1F497D'>You&#8217;re welcome to use any cards I contributed, but I wouldn&#8217;t be interested in a copy of the game if the cards are bilingual.&nbsp; Seeing the English makes it harder to think in Klingon.<o:p></o:p></span></p><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif";color:#1F497D'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif";color:#1F497D'>-Qov<br><br><o:p></o:p></span></p><div><div style='border:none;border-top:solid #B5C4DF 1.0pt;padding:3.0pt 0cm 0cm 0cm'><p class=MsoNormal><b><span lang=EN-US style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Tahoma","sans-serif"'>From:</span></b><span lang=EN-US style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Tahoma","sans-serif"'> David Holt [] <br><b>Sent:</b> March 4, 2015 12:45<br><b>To:</b><br><b>Subject:</b> [Tlhingan-hol] Klingons vs. Cards<o:p></o:p></span></p></div></div><p class=MsoNormal><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>At the qep'a' last year, I brought blank cards to create a game like Cards Against Humanity. &nbsp;It actually worked pretty well. &nbsp;Now I may have an opportunity to &quot;publish&quot; the deck. &nbsp;So I've entered all the cards into a spreadsheet to help in that endeavor. &nbsp;Even if we don't wind up publishing the deck, I thought others here might be interested in seeing the cards we came up with. &nbsp;But if I AM going to publish it, I would love to have some help double checking things.<o:p></o:p></span></p><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>If you already know how to play Cards Against Humanity, then skip this paragraph. &nbsp;The game has two sets of cards: A set of questions (usually a sentence with a blank in it) and a set of answers (usually a noun phrase that could go into the blanks). &nbsp;Each round one player (it rotates around the players) picks a question card and reads it. &nbsp;Each player should already have a variety of answer cards in their hands (usually 10) and then chooses one to play as an answer to the question. &nbsp;The questioner then reads the answers out loud and picks on to be the winner (based on whatever reasoning he/she wishes). &nbsp;For example, the question might be {taHjaj _____!} &quot;May _____ endure!&quot; and two answers offered might be, {wotmey DIpmay je} &quot;verbs and nouns&quot; or {qoS nobmey} &quot;birthday gifts&quot;.&nbsp; One of the question cards in this set has two blanks, so each player would pick two answer cards to fill in the blanks. &nbsp;The winner at the end of the game is the one who has won the most questions.<o:p></o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>At the bottom of this email is a link to the google docs spreadsheet. &nbsp;Since we might be publishing for the purpose of selling to the general public, I have included the English translations of each card. &nbsp;However, some of the cards had more than one possible translation or may have had an secondary meaning. &nbsp;As we review the cards for publication, some of them may have trademark or copyright issues, some will only make sense to members of the KLI (like people's tlhIngan Hol names), some refer specifically to things only on earth, and some are clearly implying something that is not official slang. &nbsp;I would appreciate it if you would review the list and do all of the below that you can.<o:p></o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>1) I'm assuming that by giving me a card you are giving me rights to the card. &nbsp;I am not offering any recognition or royalties. &nbsp;If you wrote one of the cards and you don't want me to publish it, say so.<o:p></o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>2) Check my English versions and let me know if you see any errors or have a suggestion for a better way to word it. &nbsp;Where I have two possible translations, the first is my preferred and the second is either an alternate meaning or a more literal translation. &nbsp;Let me know which you prefer (or if you have a better suggestion).<o:p></o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>3) Let me know if you see any cards that clearly quote from a book, TV show, or movie, but have not been marked &quot;tm?cr?&quot;<o:p></o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>4) Feel free to offer more cards for our consideration.<o:p></o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><a href=""; target="_blank"></a><o:p></o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>Thanks.<o:p></o:p></span></p></div><div><p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'>Jeremy<o:p></o:p></span></p></div></div></div></body></html>
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