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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] naming things

Steven Boozer (

>>   tlhIngan ghobmey paq
>>   Klingon Book of Virtues [original title of TKW]

> BTW, where did you get that title from?

Well, it's a bit esoteric but the librarians on the list (Qov are you there?) will understand... 

I found a MARC-CIP record in OCLC (Online Catalog of the Library of Congress, an international online bibliographic database for booksellers and librarians).  In the publishing world a Cataloging-In-Process (CIP) record is a library record compiled to LC standards supplied by the publisher *before* the book is actually published.  It's often printed on the title page verso.  Usually some information missing - the publisher may not have settled on the page, margin and font sizes for the finished work - and occasionally the title or subtitle is changed just prior to publication.  Subsequent to publication, the OCLC record is usually updated with the correct details.  I must have seen that record during that brief window of opportunity.

IIRC there was a best-selling "Book of Virtues" out at the time (1996) that Pocket Books, or Marc Okrand, had in mind, but it appears that the publisher (or their lawyers?) thought better of it and changed the title to "The Klingon Way: a Warrior's Guide {tlhIngan tIgh--SuvwI' DevmeH paq}.  I've always assumed that {tlhIngan ghobmey paq} was Okrand's original title.  I kept it in my files because it's one of the few examples of actual Klingon titles we have.

Does anybody know any more about this?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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