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[Tlhingan-hol] qep'a' recordings

John R. Harness (

<div dir="ltr"><div>Hello all. At qep&#39;a&#39; cha&#39;maH cha&#39;DIch I was able to sit down with several advanced speakers and record them speaking. Participants include Qov, ghunchu&#39;wI&#39;, Seqram, pagh, peHruS, Qanqor, &#39;ISqu&#39;. I have uploaded the recordings to the following Sound Cloud playlist. (A recording of page and Seqram is still to be uploaded because of computer trouble.)</div><div><br></div><a href="";></a><div><br></div><div>I made these for people to use and modify as they saw fit, especially for educational purposes. Please give attribution to me and to the speakers if used.<br>
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