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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: jegh

Steven Boozer (

Anthony Appleyard wrote:
>> Is {{jegh}} transitive or intransitive? There is a big difference here.

> It has always appears as an intransitive verb, e.g., {not jegh
> tlhInganpu'}.

More examples:

  bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh 
  Surrender or die! TKD

  jeghbe' tlhInganpu' 
  Klingons do not surrender. TKW

  not jegh tlhIngan SuvwI' 
  a Klingon warrior never surrenders KGT  

  paghlogh jegh tlhIngan SuvwI' 
  a Klingon warrior surrenders zero times (sic) KGT

  jIjegh ghe'torvo' narghDI' qa'pu' 
  I will surrender when spirits escape from Gre'thor. KGT

  not yIjegh! 
  [("Never surrender!") Marc Okrand's common inscription on books/photos]

TLW 89:  In Klingon, the word for surrender, {jegh}, also can be translated as "give up", in the sense of abandoning a project.

"Commander, signal the following in all languages and in all frequencies: We surrender." (Picard, TNG "Encounter at Farpoint I")

"A Klingon would never have surrendered" (Kang, TOS "Day of the Dove")

bup 		quit (v)
paj 		resign (v)
choS		desert (v)
lon 		abandon (v)
moS 		compromise (v)

mev		stop,  cease (v)
baq		terminate, discontinue  (v)
yev  		pause, take a break (v)

Doghjey 	unconditional surrender (n)

Note the similarity to the noun {jagh} "enemy".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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