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[Tlhingan-hol] Month sentences

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Here's what I have so far to retrain the Hub system on “month.” I need to give it two separate files, one in English and one in Klingon and I haven’t re-interleaved them to present them here, so you can open this e-mail twice and look at the English translations (following) in side-by-side windows, if you wish. The instructions are that the translations be in smooth, normal language in both languages while maintaining parallel structures to the extent possible. I adjusted some of the English translations slightly to fit that restriction.
Please comment on typos, grammar, and questionable translations but not on the factual accuracy of the statements made in the sentences. Feel free to add more sentences, but don’t integrate them with these lists, just send me your Klingon and English. Other languages don’t help, as Bing uses English as its master language anyway.



wej jarmey

jarvam Qo'noS wIghoS.

jar veb nentay lop.

loS waQ jInayta'.

vagh wen wep Doq je' vavwI'.

wejmaH jaj ghaj wa' tera' jar.

Hoch jar regh be'.

DorDI' jar 'etlh chu' vIje'.

qaStaHvIS jar ghurtaH Hat.

qaStaHvIS wa' jar leng Duj.

wa' waQ juH vIjaH.

cha' wen muSuch loDnI'wI'.

wej wen Hegh 'e'mamwI'.

jar nI' law' Hogh nI' puS.

bIr jar wa'DIch.

qoSDaj jar paw be'nI'ma'.

jar 'oS maS.

narghqa'DI' maS, chu' jar.

qastaHvIS Hut jar yatlh be'.

qatlh pIm jarvam?

jar nIvqu' 'oH jar wejDich'e'.

Hoch jarmey vItIv.

wa' wen jIrop.

qaStaHvIS vagh jarmey maSuv.

qaStaHvIS wa' jar loSSaD Hugh SIjlaH qetbogh loD.

wa'maH cha' jarmey ghaj wa' DIS.

Heghlu'meH QaQ jarvam.

reH jarvam vIqawtaH.

Dor jarvam 'e' vIloS.   

cha' waQ jIghIQ.

qaStaHvIS cha' jarmey jIghIQ.

bIrqu' jarmeyvam.

jar DamaSbogh yIngu'.

qarDaSngan DISvaD jar 'ar tu'lu'?

wej waQ mawam jIH, qorDu'wIj je.

jarmey pongmey tIghItlh.

tlhoy nI' cha' jarmey.

jarvetlh parHa' pagh.

Dorpa' jar bIHegh.

wejleS Dor jar. 

Hoch jar SoSra' boSuch'a'?

Hoch jar HeSwI' muH wo'.

jar wa'DIch Doy' be' 'ej bergh.

jar cha'DIch 'em be' yatlh.

jar wejDIch chen ghuHom DIr.

jar loSDIch SoS pupchoH ghuHom.

jar vaghDIch ghur be' Hat.

jar javDIch be' chor jeqchoH 'eQway.

jar SochDIch nIm lIngrupchoH porgh.

jar chorghDIch tInqu' be' chor.

jar HutDIch bogh ghu.

qaStaHvIS wej jarmey qeqqu' SuvwI'pu'.

jajmey vItIv; jarmey'e' vImuS.

Hoch jarmey bel tu'laH puq.

vaghHu' Dor jar DunHa'.

jarvam loS qoSmey DIlop.

wen 'ar bIyatlhchoH?

qaStaHvIS jar choHtaH maS.

jarmey pong voDleH.

vulqanDaq pIm jar pongmey.

yobta' yupma' jar tay'qa' qorDu'maj.

yupma' Hutlhbogh jar'e' tIv pagh.

wej waQ tet bIQtIq chuch 'e' noH qup.

DaSjaj Dor jar.

ngaj tera' jarmey.

qaStaHvIS wa' jar yuch vISopbe'taHchugh, jIpujchoH.

jarmey 'agh 'ISjaH.

'ISjaH wIlISqa'meH rut jar le' chellu'.

Satlh wanI'mey wuv jarmey.

jarmey chu' 'ogh vIraS DawwI'pu'.

qaStaHvIS Soch jar bIghHa'Daq jIvvo' weghlu'.

jarvetlh Sopbe' 'ej tlhutlhbe' lalDan HarwI'pu' qaStaHvIS pem.



three months

We go to Kronos this month.

He celebrates his Rite of Ascension next month.

I will be married in four months.

My father bought a red jacket five months ago.

One Terran month has thirty days.

A woman bleeds every month.

When the month is over I will buy a new sword.

The temperature increases through the month.

The ship travelled for one month.

I will go home in a month.

Two months ago my brother visited me.

Three months ago my aunt died.

A month is longer than a week.

The first month is cold.

Our sister will arrive the month of her birthday.

The moon represents a month.

When the moon reappears, the month is new.

A woman is pregnant for nine months.

Why is this month different?

The third month is the best month.

I enjoy all months.

A month ago I was sick. 

We fought for five months.

During one month, four thousand throats can be cut by a running man.

One year has twelve months.

It is a good month to die.

I will always remember this month.

I wait for this month to end.

I go on vacation in two months.

I go on vacation for two months.

This season is very cold.

Identify the month you prefer.

How many months are there in the Cardassian year?

I'm going hunting with my family in three months.

Write out the names of the months.

Two months are too long.

No one likes that month.

You will die before the month is out.

The month will end in three days.

Do you visit your mother every month?

The empire executes a criminal every month.

In the first month the woman is tired and irritable.

In the second month a pregnant woman vomits.

In the third month the foetus' skin forms.

In the fourth month the foetus starts to kick the mother.

In the fifth month the woman's temperature increases.

In the sixth month the navel starts to protrude from the woman's belly.

In the seventh month the body prepares to produce milk.

In the eighth month the woman's belly is very large.

In the ninth month the baby is born.

The warriors train hard for three months.

I enjoy the days; it's the months I hate.

A child can find pleasure in all the months.

A terrible month ended five days ago.

This month we celebrate four birthdays.

How many months pregnant are you?

The moon changes throughout the month.

The emperor names the months.

The month names are different on Vulcan.

Our family will be together again the month of the harvest festival.

No one enjoys a month that lacks festivals.

The elder estimates that the river ice will melt in three months.

The month ends on Monday.

Terran months are short.

If don't eat chocolate for a month, I weaken

The calendar displays the months.

In order to readjust the calendar sometimes a special month is added.

The months depend on agricultural events.

The French revolutionaries devised new months.

The criminal is confined in the prison for seven months.

In that month believers of the religion do not eat or drink during the daytime.

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