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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] beginners corner

De'vID (

On 1 February 2015 at 16:44, Maxim Sonin <> wrote:
> The boQwI' app states that the meaning of the verb ghom (meet, encounter)
> changes if it doesnt have an object. What does that mean?

Here's another instance where electronic access to HolQeD would be
handy. At the end of that sentence, there is a footnote to look in
HolQeD 7.4, Dec. 1998. (The relevant part is actually on p.11.)

WM: You've used {ghom} both as {maghom} and as {qaghom}. We were
wondering if {qIH} worked the same way.

MO: No. It would be {maqIHchuq}.

WM: And {ghom} is different.

MO: Yes. {ghom} can be used either with or without an object, but
{qIH} would always have an object. Well, I guess I should never say
"always." The intent with {qIH} is that it should have a direct object
or {-chuq} in normal usage.


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