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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: Ho'

Steven Boozer (

> Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, August 18, 2015
> Klingon word: Ho'
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: tooth

Ho'Du'lIjDaq to'baj 'uSHom lughoDlu'bogh tu'lu' 
You have some stuffed *tobbaj* leg in your teeth. PK

vagh SanID ben buDbe' wamwI'pu'. ngugh Ho'Du'chaj lo' chaH,
 'ach DaH tajmey lo'. 
5,000 years ago, hunters were not lazy. Then (at that time)
 they used their teeth, but now they use knives. (st.k 11/99)

KGT 119:  even with Klingon teeth, to chew ({yIv}) gummy ligament or tendon ({to'waQ}) takes longer than to chew most other types of food.

KGT 100:  Also, at the end of a meal, one should avoid picking bits of food out of one's teeth. To do so is to insult the cook by implying that the food was not well prepared and that the eater wants to get the flavors out of his mouth.

KGT 61f.:  The {qutluch} ... has a serrated blade ({Ho' 'etlh} [literally, "tooth blade"]), so it is particularly lethal.

KGT 152f.:  This is actually the word for tooth, but it is applied to someone who is admired or revered. It might be used in a phrase such as {Ho' SoH} (You are an idol or You are someone worthy of emulation; literally, "You are a tooth") or {Ho' ghaH HoD'e'} (The captain is an idol; literally, "The captain is a tooth"). Grammatically, even as slang, {Ho'} follows the rules appropriate to its literal meaning. Thus, even though it may refer to a person, its plural is {Ho'Du'} (teeth), making use of the plural suffix for body parts ({-Du'}), not {Ho'pu'}, with {-pu'}, the plural suffix for beings capable of using language. Similarly, it never takes the possessive suffixes associated with beings capable of using language. That is, "my idol" (literally, "my tooth") is {Ho'wIj} ... not {Ho'wI'}... The slang meaning of {Ho'} is no doubt influenced by the identically sounding verb {Ho'} (admire), and, indeed, the closest nonslang counterpart is probably a phrase with this verb: {HoD Ho'lu'} (The captain is admired).

Worf's tooth sharpener was stolen (DS9 "Bar Association") and another time Worf was so taken with Nog's Ferengi tooth sharpener that he bought it for himself. (DS9 "Little Green Men")

Ho'  					admire (v)
Ho'  					idol, someone worthy of emulation, something
                             deserving of respect (slang) (n)
Ho teywI'  			toothbrush (n)
Ho'Du' Say'moHwI' tlhagh  	toothpaste (n)
Ho''oy'  				toothache (n)
Ho' 'etlh  			serrated blade (n)
jIb Ho'Du' 			comb (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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