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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon word for "arrow"

Steven Boozer (

> Whether the bow is a naQjejHom moy'bI' or a kind of chetvI'
> I'm not sure.

Whatever the nouns for bow and arrow turn out to be, we may already have verbs to discuss them:

KGT 56:  The verb used for launch or fire a weapon of this type is {baH} ["fire (torpedo, rocket, missile)"], and there is even a special word, {ghuS}, meaning "prepare to launch".

TKD 37:  The verb {ghuS} can also be used in reference to, among other things, rockets, missiles, and various kinds of energy beams (which, like torpedoes, go from one point to another). It is also used to describe the action of pulling back the elastic band of a slingshot [{moy'bI'}].

This would presumably include drawing a bow.

KGT 64:  Some spears are simply thrust into an oncoming enemy. Others are generally thrown. The thrower first lowers the spear to a horizontal position (the verb describing this action is {ghuS}), then hurls it with great force (throw or hurl in this manner is {chuH}).

This might include shooting an arrow.

KGT 64f.:  There is, in addition, at least one type of spear, the {tlhevjaQ}, which employs a {chetvI'}, a stick with a hook at the end, as an aid for throwing. There is a single verb, {wob}, that is used to describe the full range of activities involved in putting the spear properly into the spear-throwing aid and using the aid to hurl the spear: {tlhevjaQ wob} ("He/she puts the {tlhevjaQ} into the {chetvI'} and hurls the spear"). In speaking of this type of spear and spear-throwing technique, it is still proper to use the verb {chuH} when talking about throwing the spear at a target.

OTOH I wouldn't be at all surprised to find a totally different set of specialized verbs WRT archery.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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